It’s Your Birthday

– LATEST Song Released Date 02/01/23


Listen to Pastor Victor Onwudili’s latest music project The song will certainly be featured as the birthday anthem for the season. “It’s Your Birthday” is inspired from Psalms 2:8 Message version. Link on the link for more info  

“We Lay Our Crowns” is a slow-tempo worship song that rends the heavens open. It is inspired by a deep time of worship with the Lord. The song tells us that It is certainly not about us but God. Therefore, we need to stay humble before our Lord and maker and lay down all the accolades, Crowns, and trophies to our Lord and Maker.

God is so keen about you singing him new songs. In fact, when we sing spiritual songs, it causes a break-through in the realm of the spirit. My prayer is that as you encounter these that God has given me, it will cause you to experience countless victories in every ramification of your life.

God bless! 

This year Pastor Victor Onwudili will be marking his milestone birthday and he is doing so in grand sytle with a music Concert with some of his friends… Notably, in the line-up are Evans Ogboi, Folabi Nuel , HOP, and a lot more. Dubbed the “Thankful Concert” The word of the Lord says we should always give thanks to the Lord for everything… (Ephesians 5:20 (NIV))

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About Pastor Victor

Pastor Victor Onwudili also known as Minister Victor has been actively involved in the Church music ministry for over 20 years. Pastor Victor is a songwriter and author of the book “Teach me How to Praise in the House“. As Nicky Brown describes him, “He writes the heart of the master here on Earth”. He is famously credited with penning songs such as “I Adore You”, “He Nailed it”, Strength2Strength and “You are at the Centre”.


Pastor Victor is a regular speaker in conferences on the subject of worship. His driving dream is to see people worship God in spirit and in truth all over the earth.


Pastor Victor is a teacher of the gospel, husband, and Dad to three lovely children.

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